Benefits of Using a Real Estate Developer

The benefits of using a real estate developer are sometimes overlooked. As a real estate developer, our job is to help coordinate the design, build, and overall construction of your dream home. We help maintain the business process as well as the physical logistics it takes to start a new home build. From start to finish, we give you access to our team of companions that all play a vital role in procuring your real estate investment. It’s one of therein benefits in using a real estate developer.


And the best part is is that although we control the reins, ultimately, you’re in charge. You get to select the lot you want, the custom home accessories, and hand-pick all the literal nooks and crannies that will make your home, well—yours. Ferncliff Inc. is your residential real estate developer in Tampa, Florida. We’ve worked with tons of families to help build their unique real estate endeavor. And we handle all the tedious paperwork and keep track of the scheduling so that you don’t have to.


Here are just a few more highlights of the benefits of using a real estate developer.


A Real Estate Developer Is Organized


The thought of designing a new home can be daunting and a bit overwhelming. Which is understandable; not only does it require you to learn a thing or to about the construction of your home, but you would have to keep track of your lender, contractor, electrician, and any other source that you will need to develop your home. Like any good real estate entrepreneur, your real estate developer does all of that for you.


We have a suggested list of trade providers that will recommend to you. These are people that we trust professionally and have worked with on other projects. Even if you choose to outsource your own trades, it is our job to keep everyone in the loop and keep everything organized.


Communication Systems


Once we have a listed of contractors established, we will ensure there is an effective communication system for everyone so that nothing gets lost in translation. An unorganized method of communicating is a sure-fire way to have something go wrong. At Ferncliff, our transparent correspondence has proven to be a key benefit of using a real estate developer and we take pride in our organized tactics.




Another plus to using a real estate developer is that we schedule pretty much everything from the start. We schedule the initial design meeting, coordinate any financial rendezvous, and work with the designers and builders to construct a full-proof and rigorous schedule so that your home will be built according to plan.


They Have A Network


Another benefit of using a real estate developer, as we mentioned, is having direct access to their established network of professionals. You may not know the first thing about designing a new home, and at Ferncliff, we only work with the best of the best. Instead of taking the time to research and review the long list of professional services you will need, you can trust your real estate developer to hand you a list of approved vendors with no hassle.

Here are just a few of the types of professionals we have on our docket.






City Planners




They Do The Heavy Lifting


Not only do we lend a hand in the planning of your new home, but we do a considerable amount of other heavy lifting duties.




It starts with tedious tasks, such as writing up contracts between vendors. It’s a tedious task, but one of the priceless benefits of using a real estate developer. We make sure each contract is properly outlined and do our due diligence to ensure you are getting the best price as well as the best service from our contractors, all within a timely manner. All of this has to be legally outlined in the contracts, and as your real estate developer, we’re the ones who will cross this t’s and dot those i’s for you.




Once everything is strategically outlined, we work alongside the hired tradesmen to keep up with the day-to-day of your home build. This helps us delegate the entire process to make sure there aren’t any hiccups. We check up daily to receive necessary updates and to address any concerns or issue that may arise during the process. Of course, as one of the benefits of using a real estate developer, we are in constant communication with you, the home buyers, so that you are kept in the loop concerning the day-to-day process of your home.


You Have More Home Options


Since you are using a real estate developer, one of the most anticipated benefits is having the option to customize your home. You can always opt to work with a stander real estate agent, but then you won’t be able to optimize your home to your liking. You will only be able to work with a prebuilt home and then you will spend more money on upgrades. The benefits of using a real estate developer make it so that you have almost unlimited home options; from the property all the wall down to the electrical outlets.


Property Choices


The first step in getting your new home built is picking out a lot. We can help you decided which area will be the best return on your investment and give you pointers on the properties unique benefits.


Customizable Features


The benefits of using a real estate developer means getting to customize the features of your home. You get to choose the architecture, the door frames, electrical wiring, and so much more that you aren't able to do with the standard home buying process.




Once you have the property and general layout of your home design, you get to pick out additional features with your real estate developer. You get to pick add-ons like lighting, flooring, and even hidden outlet features (very popular in modern homes). And the best part is, your real estate developer will provide you with people who specialize in each of these fields, ensuring that you are getting the home you have always dreamed of.



In short, there are a ton of benefits of using a real estate developer. This list only scratches the surface. If you want to know more, you can speak directly to a real estate developer by contacting Ferncliff Inc. in Tampa, Florida.

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